No Cost Workshops

Expand your skill sets while looking for your next job!  

Many Job Centers offer these basic workshops, as well as additional classes and services for job seekers.  Contact your local Job Center today to see how they can help you.  Find your center here.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Job Center staff can help you explore career options. Assess your knowledge, job skills and interests to help guide your job search and career planning.


Career Networking

Career networking is about learning how to have "career conversations" with people for the purpose of finding a job. Center staff present different networking approaches to maximize your time spent and yield better results.

Resume Prep

Ré​sumé Preparation

Wonder what employers are looking for when they read a résumé and cover letter?  In this workshop, identify and optimize your résumé to help you stand out from other job candidates.


Interview Process

Learn about the different types of interviews and what strategies help you showcase skills and experience in interviews.  Get practical advice through research, preparation, practice, and mock interviews.

Computer Workshops

Basic Computer Skills

Computer basics are essential for today's jobs. Learn to use the keyboard and mouse, access the internet, become familiar with document creating, and save files. Let us also help you search to find your next job.

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