Veteran Employment Services

Veteran Employment Services

Workforce staff are available in Missouri Job Centers statewide to provide a full array of employment services to assist veterans. Stop by a Job Center for personal assistance to overcome barriers to employment and learn more about programs for veterans.

Show-Me Heroes On-the-Job Training

The home front needs heroes, too, and Missouri employers are signing up to connect veterans with productive careers as they return home. Show-Me Heroes employers recognize that veterans possess the degree of training, education, motivation, and character that will prove vital to Missouri’s economic future. 

Veterans Gold Card Initiative

Enhanced career services are available at Missouri Job Centers, for veterans who are Gold Card eligible. Eligible veterans include those who have served in the armed forces on or after September 2001.

Examples of services include:

  • Staff trained to determine Gold Card eligibility
  • Job readiness assessment, including interviews and testing
  • Development of an Individual Employment Plan
  • Career guidance through group or individual counseling to assist in making training and career decisions
  • Assistance in assessing transferable skills relative to labor market and educational opportunities
  • Appropriate referrals to job search tools and training providers

Visit a Missouri Job Center today where our experienced staff are ready to help meet your employment needs. 

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