Young Adult Employment

Everyone needs to start somewhere.

Why not make someone’s start a great one by supporting one of Missouri's young adult employment programs. 

Young Adult Employment Programs

Early work experience helps lay a strong foundation for young adults to become contributing members of the community. Businesses are responsible for:

  • establishing tasks participants will perform
  • supervising the young adult worker
  • coordinating with Job Center staff to ensure the work experience is meaningful
  • resolving any issues that may arise with the young adult
  • providing constructive feedback to the youth regarding their work performance 

Hire a young adult today and make an investment in the workforce of tomorrow. 

State Parks Youth Corps

The Missouri State Parks Youth Corps challenges participants to "Think Outside" by accomplishing projects that help preserve and enhance Missouri's state park system. In addition to developing the critical leadership skills that will prepare them for success in future careers, the program will bolster an appreciation for the environment and "green" concepts that are an exciting part of Missouri's growing industries.

Contact your local Missouri Job Center to find out how to participate in one of these meaningful programs!