Training Provider ETPS

Eligible Training Providers

Postsecondary institutions that train WIOA participants may apply for training reimbursement through Missouri's Eligible Training Provider System (ETPS.)

By becoming an approved eligible training provider you:

  • May be recognized as an eligible training provider
  • May receive referrals for potential students from Missouri Job Centers
  • May receive potential funding to train individuals

If you are an academic institution and would like to become a Missouri Eligible Training Provider, refer to the ‘Requirements for Eligible Training Providers’ in the Related Resources section at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: The status as an approved eligible training provider is not a guarantee of student referrals nor use of training funds. Local Workforce Development Boards must also approve providers on ETPS based on justification that the training provided is for in-demand industry sectors and occupations within each region. Providers wishing to explore occupations in-demand in the Missouri economy may view labor market data found at MERIC

Already an Eligible Training Provider?

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