Reciprocal Agreements

For Missouri Job Center staff, Workforce Development Boards and other customers, a reciprocal agreement with another state means that any program that is approved and on its Eligible Training Provider List is assured to be approved for WIOA enrollment by Missouri training recipients.  Reciprocal agreements broaden the choice of training options and training locations available for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) funded individuals. 

Missouri has entered into a Reciprocal Agreement with the following states:

Signed Reciprocal Agreements DATE POSTED
Idaho 04/21/2016 Idaho–Missouri ETPS Agreement 10/5/2018
Montana 01/04/2018 Montana–Missouri ETPS Agreement 10/5/2018
Washington 03/28/2018 Washington–Missouri ETPS Agreement 10/5/2018
South Dakota 04/03/2018 South Dakota–Missouri ETPS Agreement 10/5/2018
Arkansas 08/22/2108 Arkansas–Missouri ETPS Agreement 10/5/2018
Tennessee 09/24/2018 Tennessee–Missouri ETPS Agreement 10/5/2018
Arizona 01/15/2019 Arizona–Missouri ETPs Agreement 01/18/2019
Utah 06/12/2019 Utah–Missouri ETPS Agreement 06/14/2019
Illinois 08/07/2020 Illinois–Missouri ETPS Agreement 08/10/2020