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Kirksville, MO 63501
United States


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The Kirksville Job Center offers solutions for individuals seeking jobs, training and education, special needs assistance, and much more. Our goal is to connect people to jobs, free of charge, and this happens by working with both job seekers and employers to support the local workforce through trainings, workshops, and job connections, as well as providing career counseling and offering tools to make finding a job or advancing your career easier. We want to help you, whether you are a job seeker or an employer! The workforce system has an extensive menu of services. Visit with our experienced staff, who work directly with job seekers and businesses, to help workers find and keep quality jobs and businesses hire and retain quality workers.

The Area We Serve

La Plata,
Knox City,
Queen City,

Services Available

  • Job search assistance, including one-on-one and group workshops on resume writing, interview skills, basic computer skills, career exploration, and networking;
  • Skills, interest, and aptitude assessments;

  • Assistance with funding and supportive services for training, including on-the-job and classroom training, as well as work experience and apprenticeships to qualifying individuals;

  • Assistance with researching training providers/options;

  • Provision of labor market information;

  • Job matching and referrals;

  • Intensive services to qualifying veterans and eligible dependents;

  • Assistance with Unemployment Insurance;

  • Referrals to service providers for additional services;

  • Assistance with online applications for employment, as well as for FAFSA, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and other training-related and supportive services;

  • Employer services including job postings, candidate referrals, individual hiring events, and job fairs.

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