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Missouri Sector Partnerships

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which went into effect July 1, 2015, has catalyzed innovation as states and regions implement these changes in their workforce development systems. Missouri expanded the scope of this transformation, combining sector strategies and customer centered design principles in an effort to change what services are delivered and how Job Centers deliver them.

Regional, industry-focused sector strategies align public agencies with industries, provide an operational framework for workforce development services, and create a strategic lens through which regional talent development is carried out. When paired with career pathways tied to growth sectors, choices are broader and better with more beneficial outcomes for employers and workers. This approach seeks to develop a culture that embraces sectors and helps everyone in the workforce development system engage with the changes.

This project is sponsored by the Division of Workforce Development within the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The cross-agency Steering Team is comprised of executives and staff involved in the workforce development system, public and education stakeholders, and business and industry representatives. Over the course of the project, the Steering Team will:

  • Adopt vision and mission statements as part of the Team Charter;
  • Build consensus on statewide target industry sectors;
  • Identify critical issues to be explored during the Statewide Launch;
  • Promote the Statewide Launch;
  • Receive, review, and refine Maher & Maher’s recommendations;
  • Collaboratively develop the talent pipeline process;
  • Ensure the vision and mission are adopted by all partners as policy;
  • Foster agreement and cooperation within partner communities, technical and community colleges, K-12 education systems, and economic development and local workforce development systems.

This process will plan for, build, and begin to implement a talent development system that delivers workforce services through a regional sector strategy framework. This involves building support for transformative, systematic change and providing venues, processes, best practices, and tools to help regional teams achieve the vision. A final report will provide the roadmap by which regional sector strategies will be implemented, and will include:

  • The documented process of the project, and reviews of statewide and regional data reports;
  • Challenges and opportunities identified during the course of the project;
  • Recommendations for moving sectors partnership and career pathways forward.

For more information about Missouri Sector Strategies, contact Kristie Davis at kristie.davis@ded.mo.gov.

Missouri Sector Partnerships Map