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Columbia: Computer Lab & Typing Test 1/31/2018, De 1:00 PM hasta 4:00 PM 573-441-6361 Columbia

Computer Lab & Typing Test           

This is your opportunity to sit down at a computer and work on your skills.  Do you need time to learn or fine tune your Microsoft Word, Excel or other Office applications?  Would you like to work on your typing or data entry skills? This is the opportunity for you!! The TYPING TEST is also offered with certificates given upon completion.

Columbia: Orientation to Voc Rehab Services 1/31/2018, De 1:00 PM hasta 2:00 PM 573-441-6361 Columbia

Orientation to Voc  Rehab  Services   

Starla Starke, from Vocational Rehabiitation, will be here to outline the services they provide and answer your questions

Nevada: WIOA Orientation 1/31/2018, De 1:00 PM hasta 2:00 PM 417-448-1177 Nevada

This orientation will provide you with information specific to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Do you qualify for skilled training? Information given about WIOA.

Rolla: Interviewing Skills 1/31/2018, De 10:30 AM hasta 12:00 PM (573) 364-7030 x129 Rolla

Prepare for the Interview. Understanding interview question approaches.

Nevada: Résumé Preparation 1/31/2018, De 10:00 AM hasta 11:00 AM 417-448-1177 Nevada

Assisting customer in completing resume, attaching resume, altering resume, emailing resume, reviewing resume, or formatting resume.

Kirksville: Talify Assessments 1/31/2018, De 9:30 AM hasta 10:45 AM 660-785-2400 Kirksville

Take a workplace personality assessment and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.  Computers and staff will be available to help you complete registration and interpret results.

Park Hills: Career Exploration 1/31/2018, De 9:15 AM hasta 10:30 AM 573-518-2431 Park Hills

You will be introduced to the Interest Profiler, Talify, Skills Assessment and their importance to you and your job search. 

Rolla: Resume Preparation 1/31/2018, De 9:00 AM hasta 10:45 AM (573) 364-7030 x129 Rolla

Resumé Preparation

Learn what goes into a resume and how to customize to fit you.

St. Charles Co. - St. Peters: Resume Tips 1/31/2018, De 9:00 AM hasta 10:30 AM 636-255-6060 St. Peters

Learn the basics of putting together your professional resume. This lecture-style workshop will teach you how to write your own winning resume. Bring a current resume if you have one.

Sedalia: Microsoft PowerPoint 1/31/2018, De 9:00 AM hasta 10:00 AM 660-530-5627 Sedalia

Learn the basics of operating Microsoft PowerPoint.

St. Louis County - Crossings at Northwest: Résumé Preparation 1/31/2018, De 9:00 AM hasta 12:00 PM 314-615-6010 St. Ann

Wonder what employers are looking for when reviewing a résumé and cover letter? Identify and optimize all the basic components of a résumé (skills and abilities, work history, and education) so that you stand out above the others.

Jefferson City: Work Keys Assessment 1/31/2018, De 8:30 AM hasta 12:30 PM 573-526-8115 Jefferson City

Work Keys Assessment      Businesses want qualified applicants…and a National Career Readiness Certificate is one way to show you are ready to get back to work!  Call the Job Center to schedule your test and obtain a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum certificate.  YOU MUST CALL TO SCHEDULE A TEST 

 (Tuesdays 1:00pm to 4:30pm) BY APPOINTMENT (Wednesdays 8:30am to 12:30pm) BY APPOINTMENT   (Thursdays 10:00am to 2:00pm) BY APPOINTMENT     No testing the second Thursday of the month.                                           

Kirksville: Youth Career Exploration 1/30/2018, De 3:15 PM hasta 4:30 PM 660-785-2400 Kirksville

Determine career interest, assess your skills, explore occupations and find training programs.

Nevada: Talify/Interest Profiler (Career Exploration) 1/30/2018, De 2:00 PM hasta 3:00 PM 417-448-1177 Nevada

It's all about you! This workshop gives you the tools to assess your knowledge, skills, personal interests and priorities on the journey to finding the job that is best for you (or not a good fit). Identify resources that are available to find a rewarding career.

Sedalia: Basic Computer Skills 1/30/2018, De 2:00 PM hasta 3:00 PM 660-530-5627 Sedalia

Learn the fundamentals of using a computer such as keyboarding and how to use a mouse. This workshop is for beginners. Work with desktop icons, dropdown menus, links, taskbars, and toolbars.

Cape Girardeau: Career Success 1/30/2018, 1:30 PM 573-290-5766 Cape Girardeau

Now that you have the job, discover the secrets to keeping it.  It is often said that the most important job is the one you currently have. Learn about meeting employers, workplace expectations, how to practice continuous learning on the job and setting your career goals. Practice positive communication and the process of adjusting to the workplace environment. 

St. Louis County-Florissant: Introduction to the Internet and Email 1/30/2018, De 1:30 PM hasta 3:30 PM 314-475-7900 St. Louis

Introduction to the Internet and Email

Learn the basics of using the Internet and email communication to help with your job search.

St. Louis County - Crossings at Northwest: Career Exploration 1/30/2018, De 1:30 PM hasta 3:30 PM 314-615-6010 St. Ann

It's all about you! Get the tools to assess your knowledge, skills, personal interests, and priorities relative to the job best for you. Identify resources available to find a rewarding career.

Rolla: Microsoft Excel 2 1/30/2018, De 1:00 PM hasta 4:00 PM 573-364-7030 Rolla

(Must have completed Excel 1)

3D Formulas, Sorting, Filtering, Outlining, Advanced functions.

Nevada: Interview Process 1/30/2018, De 1:00 PM hasta 2:00 PM 417-448-1177 Nevada

Get practical advice on how to showcase your skills and experience. Receive helpful tips on how to dress and groom for an interview. Learn different types of interviews and strategies for each.