Become An Apprentice

Do you need training to get a job—and a job to afford training?

You're not alone!  To earn the paycheck they need, many people, like you, look for work only to find they need to work while and go to training or take college courses. Sometimes that means they have to take jobs that are unrelated to their career so they can earn the certificate or degree. The added time and money for training/school can be difficult. 
Registered Apprenticeship—an alternative to college that allows workers to emerge from a learning environment credentialed, employed, and debt-free!


Benefits for Apprentices

Improved skills and competencies.  Employers teach you the work skills you need to succeed.
Incremental wage increases. As your skills improve, your paycheck improves.
On-the-job training and occupation-specific education. You get job relevant education and training.
Career advancement. Employers prepare you for the job and invest in your success.
Industry issued, nationally recognized credentials. You earn highly desirable, relevant credentials recognized by employers in your occupational industry. 
Potential for college credit.  Some registered apprenticeship programs have agreements that allow you to earn college credits toward 2 and 4 year degrees.











Apprentices earn competitive wages, a paycheck from day one and incremental raises as skill levels increase.  The average wage for a fully proficient worker who completed an apprenticeship translates to approximately $60,000 annually. Apprentices who complete their program earn approximately $300,000 more over their career than non-apprenticeship participants. 
                                                                                                                                                       -from the U.S. Department of Labor











Find Opportunities

If you are interested in exploring Registered Apprenticeship as the next step in your career, there are many ways to find opportunities in your area. Many businesses advertise their openings in local media and commercial job search sites. You can also access apprenticeships through your local Job Center, often Job Centers partner with local businesses to match job-seekers with available opportunities. Contact the nearest Missouri Job Center to find Registered Apprentice opportunities near you.


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