It's All About You

Welcome to the “It’s All About YOU” program. We want to help get you back on a Career Path and into the workforce as quickly as possible. Missouri Career Centers offer an abundance of resources that can assist you throughout your job search process and help you prepare for your next career.

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU is a new goal-based program designed to improve your marketability to employers. The program helps you identify with a Career Path, offers you opportunities to build your current skills, and provides new methods to market yourself to employers statewide. Our plan is to help you regain employment - but the work needed to get the job is up to YOU.

If you are receiving state or federal unemployment benefits, you are required to attend all scheduled appointments, referred services and workshops. Failure to complete all steps of the program may result in the delay or denial of your unemployment benefits. Rescheduling your appointments may affect the payment of your benefits. If you must reschedule, please logon to the Missouri Unemployment Online Filing System or call your Regional Claims Center. If you call in, please expect long hold times.